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The Team

Carolin B. Schneider

Head of the language course qualification as well as the Potsdam International Community Center at the Potsdam-Golm Science Park
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Angela Federspiel

Following her Bachelor’s Degree in German Language, Angela Federspiel took a Master’s Degree in Eastern European Studies with a particular focus on culture. She began her teaching career in 2009 and teaches adults and adolescents. She works with both beginners and the more advanced and, in addition to teaching the language itself, she passes on information about the culture and geography of Germany. As and when required she also prepares language exams. Angela has been working as a German teacher at Let’s Talk since 2010.

Gudrun Gorka-Reimus

Gudrun Gorka-Reimus’s career began in the field of social work for young people in Cologne. She studied Germanic, Anglophone and Romance Languages in Gießen, Cologne, Berlin (Germany) and in Perugia, Italy. She has many years experience as an author, editor, and proofreader. She is also an art historian and has been designing and organising exhibitions in Germany and abroad since 2000 in the fields of art, history, and archaeology. At the same time she is actively engaged in museum pedagogy and museum education. She has been working at Let’s Talk since 2013.

Sarah Harry

Sarah is from Bristol, England, she studied Physics and Astronomy in Cardiff, UK and gained her PhD in Observational Astrophysics in 2011. She has taught undergraduate physics in Wales and the USA since 2007 at Cardiff University and Syracuse University. Sarah specialises in scientific English for all ability levels. She has been working at Let's Talk since 2015.

Olea Morris

Olea is originally from the Washington DC area in the United States. She holds a MA in Cultural Anthropology, during which she served as a teaching assistant for linguistics courses. An avid traveler and language learner herself, Olea focuses on the intersection between language and culture in the classroom. She enjoys working with young ESL learners as well as adults, and has worked as a professional editor and writer for several years. She has been working at Let’s Talk since 2016.

Silvana Novak

Silvana is from Perth, Western Australia. While at university, she studied Mathematics and Statistics and Secondary Education and also taught Croatian as a second language to primary school children. After completing her degree, she taught Mathematics to secondary students for five years and has also worked in secondary school administration. As a native speaker, Silvana is teaching intermediate students English in the fields of science, research and administration. She has been working at Let's Talk since February 2016.

Kay Wishöth

Raised in Wittenberg and trained in Berlin, Kay Wishöth has been teaching German for many years. He encourages his students to enjoy speaking and to write with precision, two key skills to take from his courses. In addition he has been making documentary films on various topics both in Germany and abroad since graduating with a degree in Communication Studies. He has been working at Let’s Talk since 2010.

Samantha Wirasekara-Kähler

Samantha Wirasekara-Kähler studied Public Relations and French in Bremen, Germany, and now has over 17 years of teaching experience. As a native speaker she has taught Buddhist monks in Sri Lanka as well as students at technical universities in France and Germany, teaching in both English and German. She has been working at Let’s Talk since 2013 and also works as a Pilates trainer.